Robotic print systems

The Power To Produce

For some specific applications, Robotic printers are preferred over gantry systems. The difference between a robotic printer and a gantry printer is more than just the axis, it is the entire way you print. While on our gantry printers the extruder moves on the  X, Y and Z axis, on all Robotic systems the extruder is mounted on a precise 6-axis industrial robot, giving you the option to print at various angles. Robotic printers are sometimes easier to integrate with other machinery on factory floors for example. Making the printer part of your production process. 

Robotic print cells are highly modular and adaptable according to the requirements of our clients. We would love to help you determine if robotic printing is suited for you and what you would need to ensure your production. 

Robotic systems can be delivered with Weber Extrusion technology. 

Building your personal adaptable factory

Another benefit of Robotic printing is the use of multiple beds on one extrusion system. This will allow you to print semi-continuously, by optimizing your print space and operator time. Robotic systems are always delivered as static units with adequate enclosures tailored to the space you have available and the environment the printers will run in. 

Robotic systems do require more skilled operators to handle the printing. If you are not sure about this, we can provide training or show you the different ways to produce your part: both on gantry and robotic arm systems, to determine the best method for your application. 

Our team can guide you in your orientation process and can provide you with free advise that will help you make the right choice for your business.

Advantages & disadvantages