Colossus Mark II Series

Your personal Mini Factory in house or on location

Colossus Mark II is our second-generation printer and a big upgrade from the Mark I series. It has a larger build volume, a lighter frame and higher temperature build plate. With integrated cooling, improved dynamic movement and full retraction it can handle a host of amazing materials. This machine has earned its stripes, proving durability and operating functionality both in the deserts of the UAE and the winters of Russia.

The Mark II Series is available as both a static and transportable print system. Perfect for small to medium series manufacturing. This Printer, as well as all others, is fully customizable. Let us know what you would like to print and we will help you develop and build the Mark II to your specifications.

The container version of the Mark II is an easily transportable plug and print system, everything you need for high quality results is fully integrated. All you have to do is transport your printer to the required location, power it up, and let it go to work for you.

The Static version of the Mark II has the same characteristics but should be installed in one set location. For a stable in-house production, this version provides more freedom in the setup of the various components such as: build volume, drying, and extrusion capabilities.

Printed on the Colossus Mark II 

Colossus Mark II Transportable

The power to make

The Mark II  is a fully containerized version is suitable for production of large-scale parts in house or on location.  Specifically developed to fit and operate inside a 20ft. container, this printer will enable you with a flexibility unique to 3D printing. Whether you are using it for demonstrations, to live print during events, or simply produce in different locations, our transportable systems provide you with these options. The Printer can also be easily transported by sea on any cargo ship.

The Mark II Transportable comes complete with a 60L drying system incl. a conveyer for pellet transport to the extruder. This allows for all materials to be processed in a closed environment after dehumidification. Additionally the Mark II printer comes with a standard heated vacuum bed of  2700 x 1250 mm reaching temperatures of up to 115 °C, a melt pump enabling full retraction, and profiles for your selected materials. This ensures that your operator can simply select a material type and all values such as pressure and the various temperature settings will be pre-installed.

Colossus Mark II Static

In house production 

The Mark II Static is suitable for inhouse production of large-scale parts. We can provide the same volume of 2700 x 1250 x 1500mm, but this is adaptable. 

It handles the same print large volumes and impressive print speeds with the freedom of changing extruder capacity.  All machines are standardly delivered with a 60L drying system incl. a conveyer for pellet transport to the extruder but in the static version this option can be extended for more capacity. 

The standard  series of the heated vacuum bed is 2700 x 1250. With temperatures of up to 115 °C will have no problems with bed adhesion. A melt pump enabling full retraction and profiles for your selected materials come with all Colossus machines.


The protective covering of the machine can be provided in different materials and shapes, based on the environment of your production location, the dimensions of the machine and your overall preferences. The printer will be installed at the location of your choice. The layout and setup of the various machine parts remain flexible. 

Let us know what you would like to print and we will help you develop and build the Mark II series static especially to facilitate your requirements.