Colossus XS Series

The ultimate Makerspace

The Colossus XS Series is the first printer developed in partnership with WEBER Additive. Colossus process knowledge and printing experience is combined with WEBER extrusion technology and high quality German engineering to build the best quality 3D printer that handles speeds up to 200mm/sec and is optimized for host of recycled and non recycled materials. 

With a standard buildvolume of 1600 x 1200 x 1300 this printer is perfect for a wide range of designs and applications. The extruder will enable up to 4.5k/h output.


The XS Series is equipped with the same drying and conveyer systems as the Colossus MARK  II Series, ensuring the best material quality. With an intergrated melt pump and amazing retraction results this is the industrial answer to high quality FGF printing.

The early bird static version is now available and the containerized version is coming soon, expected september 2021. 


Printed on the Colossus XS Series

Innovative Technology and Possibilities

Colossus has entered into a strategic a partnership with WEBER in 2020. By working together we aim to push the boundaries  of 3D printing and drive innovation across borders.

Both Weber and Colossus  share the vision of establishing direct extrusion as a new manufacturing process in industrial applications.  Because the focus of Colossus has always been on developing high quality large-scale transportable printers in combination with recycled materials, we are very proud to present the new range of printers with WEBER extrusion technology; the XS Series. 


Colossus Printers Tailor made to fit your application

The XS Series is perfect for small to medium series manufacturing. This system, as well as all others, is fully customizable. Let us know what you would like to print and we will help you develop and build the Colossus XS especially to facilitate your requirements.

Looking for more specific information or price estimations? We would love to help you determine which printing system would be best suitable for your application. Please send us a message and our team will get back to you shortly.