The power to MAKE

The Colossus 3D printers are the first FGF printing systems designed with a special accent on materials for furniture, construction applications and large size 3D objects. It also prints with recycled materials, combining cutting-edge technology to give plastics a second life. We want to break down the barrier of entry for designers to sell not only their designs but make their vision into objects without current limitations. As well as develop 3D technology for the commercial markets. Furniture, Art, Molds, Automotive, prototyping, small series designs, everything is possible.

Innovative technology and possibilities

Colossus printers support impressive print speeds because of direct pellet extrusion. Every printer comes fully equipped with a granulate fed extruder printhead and a dehumidification unit for better print quality. The heated bed features a vacuum function for easy print removal. Apart from its many functional advantages, Colossus print Systems are fully scalable and can be customized to your requirements. It can be used as a transportable or fixed unit; the system is easy to add on and upgrade. Everything from size to the output of extruder to the heated bed is configurable – even software add-ons and screw types. This flexibility makes our 3D printing systems relevant to host of applications and industry sectors. It also comes with innovative remote debugging software and connectivity system so that engineers can help fix problems remotely and in real time. Training, service and maintenance contracts will be provided to ensure that the machines can be used to their full capacity.

The transportable Factory

The vision behind our printers is twofold:

1. Make fast, cost-effective, adaptable and configurable printers that will always get bigger.

2. To build a printer made for materials; we want to use 3D technology to give plastic waste a useful second life and develop materials for all applications. Doing our part to make a greener world.

Multilayered window
Through the large window of 3000mm by 2200mm you get great views of your print live. Great to follow printing results but also for showcasing when live printing on location.
Control Cabinet & HMI
The printer is standard delivered with a 18.5 inch full color touch screen with an easy to use HMI. With 2 USB ports integrated for fast model loading.
Industrial Dryer
Half of the quality of a print is the state of the material which is why we have a fully integrated drying unit to prep your material so you can get the most out of your print. Capable of temperatures of up to 400C gives you the flexibility to print almost any plastic material.
Heated bed
With its huge size, our liquid heated print bed comes with a vacuum system so you can easily remove and replace the plate, reducing your downtime. The bed heats up to 90C standard and optional up to 150C.
There are multiple airconditioning units installed for optimal control of the humidity and temperature. Both in the print room and technical room there are units which can be operated separately.

Colossus Mark II; your personal mini factory

Colossus Mark II is our second-generation printer and it is a big upgrade from the Mark I. It has a larger build volume, a lighter frame and higher temperature build plate. With integrated cooling, improved dynamic movement and retraction it can handle a host of amazing materials.  It remains easily transportable but has better remote-control features and control. Perfect for small to medium series manufacturing. This system, as well as all others, are fully customizable. Let us know what you would like to print and we will help you develop and build the mark II especially to facilitate your requirements.



Our other printers

Sold out...
Sold out...

The Colossus Mark I was the first Colossus FGF printer series designed and built. The first series has been sold out and the mark I is no longer available. The Mark II is the same design with upgraded functionalities and is currently available for (pre)order.


Printing Size Matters

Since we are always looking to better our innovations and technology we set our goals high. Mark III is currently in development and is going to be a larger and faster machine. Currently its set to come out late 2020.