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FGF Printers

Application Driven Large-scale 3D printing

Colossus 3D printers are the first FGF printing systems designed with a special accent on materials. The printers support impressive print speeds by working with direct pellet extrusion. This means that all printers work with granulate instead of filament, making the printing process more financially viable. This also enables us to work with a larger selection of (recycled) materials, process customer materials and the use of various masterbatches directly in the print process. With Nozzles ranging from 1mm to 10mm, and possibly higher on request, larger print lines and faster printing supports this even more.

Every printer comes fully equipped with a granulate fed extruder printhead and a dehumidification unit for better print quality. All material profiles delivered with your printer contain the correct drying time and settings to ensure best quality. With the development of all Colossus printers, special attention is placed on being able to work with a wide range of recycled materials, combining cutting-edge technology to give plastics a second life.

Innovative technology and possibilities

We have developed a range of standard high-quality 3D print systems, but all machines remain fully customizable . The special USP of Colossus is that all machines can be provided as transportable or fixed units. Colossus continerized versions allow for printing on location and delivering high quality prints due to the controlled environment, while remaining easily transportable. All systems are easy to add on and upgrade. With many features we aim to deliver the best machine suited for the clients application. This flexibility makes our 3D printing systems relevant to a host of applications and industry sectors. Every printer also comes with innovative remote debugging software and connectivity system so that engineers can help fix problems remotely and in real-time. Training, service, and maintenance contracts will be provided to ensure that the machines can be used to their full capacity.

Colossus Mark II

Mark II Series

Colossus Mark II is the second-generation printer in our series  and it is a big upgrade from the Mark I. With a larger build volume of 2700 x 1250 x 1500, a lighter frame and higher temperature build plate. With integrated cooling, improved dynamic movement and retraction it can handle a host of amazing materials.  It remains easily transportable but has better remote-control features and control. Perfect for small to medium series manufacturing. This system, as well as all others, are fully customizable.


Mark II Static

The Mark II Static is based on the same parameters as the containerized version. For clients that don’t need the transportability but prefer to have the printer installed in one location, this allows for a different setup if needed.

The Mark II Static series is does not have the size restrictions of the container so we can build much larger print volume. If we understand your application, we can advise you which system would be best suited for your production needs..

New: XS series

The Colossus XS Series is the newest addition; a unique printer when it comes to speed, quality and price. This is the first printer resulted from our newly introduced partnership with WEBER Additive; With a buildvolume of 1600 x 1200 x 1300, it reaches speeds of 200mm/sec due to the high-quality WEBER extrudsion technology. The Colossus XS container version will be available for pre-order from Dec 2021, while the early bird static version, is available for order starting June 2021. 

Robotic print systems

For specific applications Robotic systems can be better suited than gantry systems. We can help you determine if this is the case for you and if so, help guide you through the options. Robotic systems operate with the same extuder tech. as Colossus gantry printers, but have the benefit of angled printing, while our gantry systems have the benefit of full retractions. We can  project, based on the desired printed parts which system would be most financially viable for your products and provide you with a test print upon request. 

In need for honest advice?

Not sure which machine is best suited for your application or would you like to order a test print? We would love to discuss your requirements and provide you with detailed information based on your product. 

Besides machine preferences our team is always available to help you with material possibilities and can consult for all your print and production questions. Let us know how we can help you best by leaving us a small message.