Our Eco-system

About Colossus

Colossus printers was established in 2017, born from the desire to print with our own recycled materials. At the time partner company The One Project was looking to expand their small scale print service to additional larger-scale objects. As a machine with the qualities we were looking for did not exist, we pulled together a team of experts to develop and build one to our specifications. The result was the first Colossus Printer. 

Since its launch, we remain focussed on the continuous development and innovations of hardware, software, and process knowledge in the FGF market. The ability to work with many material compounds both recycled and non recycled,  continuously expanding the portfolio of material profiles our printers can work with, remains a core value of the company. We believe in delivering a full-circle solution. By integrating our material profiles and recipes into our clients printers before delivery and installation, we allow for ease of machine operation without in-depth knowledge. This ensures the perfect start to their printing experience. 

Our services

Full Service printers & printservice

From consulting on design, slicing, material choices or postprocessing, our team is here and experienced to help you in every step of the process. Besides consulting, we provide an in-house print service if the outsourcing of production if preferred, either in a beginning stage or continuously.

Building a Colossus Community

When purchasing a machine we provide a choice to list the purchased machine as part of our community. When receiving print orders in your area, we can together determine available machine time in your company for external production; with this we build a network of partners and aim for local production solutions.

Remote connectivity & support

With every printer, a training is provided for the operators, but apart from this our technicians support in real time all across the world through remote connectivity. We can implement updates and our team can log in from a distance, helping you reduce downtime and making sure possible problems are quickly resolved.

Recycled materials and closing the loop

We continuously work on the development of recycled materials and specialized materials for client specific applications. We work in close partnership with industrial material manufacturers and within our own eco-system The One Project focusses on specialized materials and innovative recycled grades.

Strategical partnerships

The One Project

The company behind Colossus, The One Project, is a platform for recycling solutions with the aim of converting end of life plastics back into high value objects. The One Project remains a strong partner inside Colossus’s Ecosystem with a strong focus on research & development of materials for moulding and extrusion techniques. 

WEBER Additive

Hans WEBER is a well known brand name in the market of additive manufacturing. At the end of 2020 WEBER Additive and Colossus started a strategic partnership to combine our expertise with one vision; to deliver the best quality machines to our customers. With WEBER’s exceptional in-house extruder development and Colossus’s internal process and application knowledge, we aim to push the borders of FGF 3D printing together.