Industrial Large Scale 3D Printing

With its gigantic print volume and high-speed Colossus printers will enable you to print faster, larger and better than ever before. 

New: the Colossus XS series

The new Colossus printer  with Hans WEBER extrusion technology is available now! The XS has a buildvolume of 1200 x 1600 x 1300 mm and is the answer to industrial FGF printing with the precision of a desktop FDM and the kilo output of FGF extruder.

Reliable, and comfortable at unmatched speeds, with nozzles ranging from 1mm to 8mm.

Its a welcome addition to our assortment. Specially optimized for Lightweight and filled materials with pre-set recipes for easy control. 

See Our Revolutionary New Material!

Our new material breaks down the traditional barriers to printing on a large scale. 

Printed on Colossus...

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